Adding a News Item

Home Site Guide Adding a News Item

This documentation walks through the steps to add a news item to the website.

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin interface
  2. Navigate to the Posts section of the admin interface
  3. Click on Add New
  4. In the Add title block, add the title of the news item
    • For press releases, use the format [month] [day], [year] – [title] (example: January 8, 2020 – Weld North Education Acquires LearnZillion)
  5. Beneath the title, paste the body text of the news item
  6. Clean up any formatting issues that occurred with the copy/paste of content
    • Ensure logical headings are set
    • For press releases, bold titles such as Contact and About Weld North
  7. Click on the Document tab of the editing interface
  8. Ensure that Weld North is selected as the author
  9. Click on the Categories expand/collapse menu and select the corresponding year for the news item
  10. If everything looks good, click Publish