Weld North is both an investment and operating team backing innovators in education technology as well as the operator of Imagine Learning. Backed by Weld North and its partners at Silver Lake Partners and Onex, Imagine Learning is a leading digital education technology company focused on developing digital curriculum and tools for pre-K–12 students.

Investing in innovators in education technology

Leveraging decades of our investing and operating expertise, we back management teams with great promise transforming the educational ecosystem.

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Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is a PreK–12 digital learning solutions company that ignites learning breakthroughs by designing forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology to drive student growth. Imagine Learning serves more than 10 million students and partners with more than 7,500 school districts nationwide.

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We are always looking for the right businesses or opportunities to invest in. Speak with us about your idea and we can discuss the details & possibilities. It is never too early to get the ball rolling.

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